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look Do you negotiate?

Well of course you do, it's only natural, but you still might not get the best deals.

Negotiation can make or lose more money for an organisation than any other means. It is one of those specialist skills that require some additional techniques from the salesperson's repertoire. Millions of pounds of sales are conducted every day why is it that some salespeople and some customers obtain much better results than others? The fact is that there are no magic solutions! There are however a number of identifiable key skills and approaches used by experienced sales negotiators which achieve better deals time after time, for both parties.

During two days of films, role-plays and practical exercises which will demonstrate the challenges and pressures that can develop in a live negotiating environment, delegates will experience how advanced techniques can make the difference in every type of negotiating situation.

If you are serious about more profitable selling, Edison have one of the most effective approaches. This programme of learning will take the best sales people and make them better. And take mediocre sales people and turn them into sales leaders.

So if you think that negotiation skills may be your route to increased sales success.
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Learning in a box

All sales courses will be soon become fully blended, giving you access to the best learning content in the most cost effective way.




The goal of any sales training or transformational process is to implement a common, systematic selling system that ensures that the organisation is able to measure true results, support individuals and teams and ensure that your customer base hear a consistent message that is smooth and seamless to your marketing messages.

At Edison we work hard to ensure that the our particular learning system is adapted to your people and market, we don't have a pre-prescribed "one size fits all" flavour of the month process to which you need to put aside your experience so far and start again. In fact your experience of your customers, markets and people is the most valuable commodity we can use to develop an approach that's just right for you. Whether it be the development of a solid foundation or a paradigm shift from reactive - "where is the next customer going to come from?" to proactive - planned calling, strategising deals, making good bid/no bid decisions and advanced competitor knowledge, you can be sure that your people will produce more consistent results.

When the initial approach has been decided, planned and implemented, that is only the beginning, our structured support system of coaching, mentoring and continual development will ensure that your results continue long after the initial learning has taken place. Your managers will play a key role in developing the programme - as mentors and evaluators throughout all phases of the sales cycle. Look at our ADVANTAGE programme for some suggested support opportunities...


aDVANTAGE The ADVANTAGE Business Development process represents a simple and disciplined approach to developing your business, and it can be adapted by each Business Unit of an organisation as they see fit. There are five important characteristics of the programme. Find out more...
two reasons; the customer does not perceive value in the relationship with the salesperson and the customer feels that there is too much risk attached to making a decision to buy. ADVANTAGE helps by providing the salesperson with the most up to date selling techniques - to suit the current market situation and providing ongoing support to implement the tools and techniques necessary to achieve sales success. pathfinder

WHAT IS strategic selling

The ultimate challenge to any new or experienced salesperson is selling in today's highly competitive markets where factors, which in the past had little effect on sales results, now dominate the selling process. STRATEGIC SELLING has been specifically designed to stimulate and develop creativity in selling style. To ensure that learning is transferred into sales results our Field Sales Coaching System, combining online and face to face contact provides additional ongoing support, allowing organisations to experience the benefits of continuing personal development beyond learning into profitable sales. .

sales competency assessment programme

Your sales team may be selling, but how much better could they be?

How would you answer that question, well that's where Edison Personal Development can help. Our pro-assess competency and benchmarking process can help your organisation get fit for any market. Developed directly from the experienced gained from working in a number of different markets and also recently updated to take account of changing market trends, pro-assess will help your organisation identify not only how it will measure up to the market you sell in, but how it will also compare to our increasing data from organisations that have recently used pro-assess from a wide range of industries.