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WE ALSO PROVIDE A WIDE RANGE OF PROJECT SUPPORT SERVICES. Learn more about THESE by selecting from the links below...

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it outlines our complete project management service profile, including training, consultancy and specialist services.

Project Management Maturity Assessment

If you are considering a review of your organisation's capability or use of the APM's competence framework we can help.

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Project Support

While we provide a wide range of training for individual members of the project team, we can also provide a number of options to help manage the project through it's life cycle phases. These options can range from soft skills development to the implementation of best practice processes and procedures.


proselect If you are either putting your project team together or looking at ways in which you can develop the performance of your existing team Edison's
pro-select can help. Through the use of diagnostic tools and dynamic feedback and reporting, your teams individual and collective strengths become visible.

So before you make the next decision about your team contact us to find out how pro-assess or pro-select can help. Or find out more
The higher the level of a project's complexity, the greater the impact of outstanding individual performance on the success criteria. Top project managers can add or destroy huge economic value, and the higher the level, the higher the leverage - so the higher the impact. We are talking about "hard" results such as improved project performance from higher productivity, increased efficiency and lowered costs as well as "softer" results as increased morale and motivation, greater cooperation, lower turnover and loss of talent.  Need help? Talk to one of our support team.


xchangeXCHANGE is an event facilitation method that provides the complete solution to managing the output of your meetings and workshops. Whether it is a project start up, vendor appraisal or business case analysis you only get one chance to ensure that all contributions have been evaluated in the best way possible and that decisions and actions you are now going to take are the best you can possibly achieve.

apm corporate accreditation using edison's pro-assessPMMA

APM have launched corporate accreditation. Achieving APM Corporate Accreditation will help your organisation stand out as an exemplar in the development of project management professionals. It provides assurances to your customers and suppliers and allows you to attract and retain the best project management talent in the country.

But how does your organisation measure up? well that's where Edison Personal Development can help. Our pro-assess competency and benchmarking process can help your organisation get fit for accreditation. Developed directly from the APM's Body of Knowledge and also recently updated to take account of the APM's competency framework, pro-assess will help your organisation identify not only how it will measure up to the APM's accreditation standards but how it will also compare to our increasing data from organisations that have recently used pro-assess from a wide range of industries.

View a sample of our benchmarking report