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Your people need this learning opportunity if;

- you find that groups of activities and small projects are regularly delivered late and cost more than budgeted.

- your customers are dissatisfied with the way you deliver either your products or services, due to time, budget or work scope issues.

Delivered your way;

While the core elements of this course are pre-designed there is opportunity to integrate aspects of your organisations work delivery. Contact us now, to discuss how we can deliver Introduction to Planning, your way..

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You can download a datasheet or if you want to discuss anything further with a member of our learning support team then contact us now!





- is a one day course aimed at any functional department or team who are interested in increasing their task delivery performance. During a packed day they will learn some of the fundamental processes used to define activities, schedule workflow and to monitor and control activity. Participants will complete the day more confident in working to deadlines and producing high quality task completion within the defined budgetary constraints.


Delegates will learn how to take a structured approach to identifying customer requirements and how these can be transferred into suitable delivery options. The benefits of aligning delivery requirements with the “bigger picture” will become clear. Essential communication skills will be examined in order to carry out a process of requirements verification.

Once the requirements have been established it is important to ensure that the delivery is performed in the most efficient way possible. Delegates will learn the fundamentals of network analysis, a technique to ensure that activities and workflow are carried out in the most optimum way.

Once optimised it is important that activities are scheduled in a way that can be monitored and controlled. Delegates learn and experience activity scheduling through a realistic case study mini project which has all the characteristics of a typical organisational project.

Simple monitoring and control techniques are demonstrated and a simulated project is demonstrated using common project planning and delivery software. Demonstrating how software can be used to great effect, regardless of project size.


This course can be provided on your site for a great fee of £115.90 plus vat per delegate, based on 10 delegates attending. Which includes all learning materials but does not include venue costs or delegate subsistence.

We work closely with our clients to establish a long term relationship.

Often when we deliver an initial course for a client, it becomes the start of a long term relationship between us. Edison learning specialists can help you in a number of different ways such as;
- managing change
- process implementation
- coaching and mentoring
- personal effectiveness

We are an accredited training provider of the Association for Project Management (APM) where we can provide a structured qualifications pathway for your project personnel to gain internationally recognised project management
qualifications. Contact us for more information or visit the project management link at the top of this page.

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