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You know the answers, it's just that you need that bit of help to bring the answers out and have a process that manages these outputs in order that valuable information is captured.

Our facilitators will help you not only manage the process but ensure that captured information is formatted and easily documented to ensure that it can then be easily presented and understood. In addition we can take care of all the administration and provide full support to let you get on with working together.


Change poses difficulties for most organisations mainly because of the complex relationships between the business environment, the organisation, its people and supporting technologies; any change in one aspect will affect one or more of the others. Edison will help your organisation take a more structured
approach to change, ensuring the change is successful and the business only gains a positive effect from that change.

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Supporting your projects... supporting your people...

A focused approach to initiating the project...

Project Initiation is the foundation stone of all good projects. It is vital that the initiation phase is carried out correctly and the requirements, objectives, and time scales, are agreed and carefully documented. It is often the case that failure of the project to achieve it's deliverables can be directly related to an inadequate initiation. Poorly thought through ideas, lack of clear objective and changing processes leads to delays, escalating costs and eventual frustration over the final delivery. Our Project Initiation workshop guides the project team through the process, ensuring that all aspects necessary for a sound initiation have been considered. In addition the project initiation is then documented and manifests itself in the shape of a range of detailed outlines. Many project sponsors and managers are tempted to jump into the definition and design phases without much organizational work. This urgency, while understood, can be the downfall of a project before it really begins. The time spent in start-up pays dividends by creating clarity and structure from the beginning.

Creative problem solving workshops...

"How do we decide whether to upgrade our production plants control systems or continue using existing?"

"How can we add value to our project with today’s technology that produces a 20% better benefit realisation than current designs, but only costs 10% more to build?"

"Current project teams need three months experience before they are pulling their weight. How do we cut that to one week?"

When you ask this kind of question you know that it is because the usual solutions are not going to work. What about ‘breakthrough thinking’, ‘thinking out of the box’ and ‘challenging paradigms’. But how do you do it?

Creative problem solving is a tried and tested set of methods for finding new solutions to challenging problems. It dramatically expands the range of solutions considered and then selects and acts upon the most attractive. It unlocks the knowledge and creativity you already have. We use the best facilities and equipment in the market, supplied by leading suppliers such as Pinpoint© and Neuland©.

Edison consultants can facilitate your people to become more creative and to innovate more effectively. We will work with your teams to confront their current paradigms and constructively break them. We will help them to build their thinking to release many more possible solutions.

Building thinking, is challenging, exciting, fun and energising, but we must also build an effective action plan which will work for you, selecting the most promising ideas and developing them to action. It is the combination of building creativity followed by action planning and focusing for individual action that brings the real business benefits.

We will:

  • Facilitate your people to use both their expert knowledge and their creativity to solve your business problems
  • Run workshops to tackle specific problems that deliver a clear action plan
  • Help your teams to examine the paradigms that rule their thinking
  • Provide you with an expanded toolkit for creative thinking and problem solving

Risk analysis workshops...

One of the biggest contributions to the success of a project can occur at an early stage in the life cycle where an effective risk analysis process can have an ROI of at least 80%.

Edison consultants can bring a wealth of experience gained working in projects and analysing risk at various stages in the life cycle. During one of our typical workshops, your people will not only carry out effective risk analysis on the project but learn the fundamental techniques and processes for use in your next project.

We will:Workshops

  • Facilitate your people to use their expert knowledge to fully analyse risk in the project
  • Demonstrate a variety of techniques to approaching risk analysis in the current stage of the project's life cycle
  • Help your teams to explore mitigation opportunities using sound financial considerations
  • Provide you with an insight into the quantitative models and software use in order that your people can be effective in analysing risk and making good decisions
  • Facilitate the production of a comprehensive Risk Management Plan

Team building workshops...

Our team building workshops conduct a specific range of activities that accelerate great team spirit, bringing you the benefits of collaboration, trust and high performance quickly. What all of these workshops have in common is the specific approach which helps you to build high performance teams quickly, regardless of the way you choose to deliver the range of workshops.

Our approach ensures that all of the critical factors to a team's success are built into every workshop. First, we ensure that goals are set, outcomes and purpose of the team. Second, we create the Energy that a new or developing team needs, drawing upon both aspiration and inspiration. Third, the team has to have the right Attitude, so that it's developing in the right direction and with the right level of commitment. Finally, Motivation is the final ingredient that the team needs to get going. By designing each of our workshops around this simple philosophy, we ensure fast, effective and powerful team building whatever the size and purpose of the team.pinpoint2

Expected outcomes include;

  • Building group esteem by exploring contributions and group assets.
  • Learning to focus on group strength by exploring contribution and commitment to goals.
  • Empowering the group to "challenge paradigms" by providing a safe environment in which to discuss difficult project and people issues.
  • Develop a "template" for the organisation to continue addressing ongoing issues with minimum consultant support.
  • Involve leaders as participants in the work of the group.

Helping you learn from your experience...

If the only consistent thing about your project management or business process is that you keep making the same mistakes, the Lessons Learned Workshop will assist you in building a framework to learn from your past and invest it in improved performance on future projects.

The journey to becoming a true “learning organization” may not be the smoothest, your post implementation review process at the conclusion of projects may, if they occur at all, lack the desired consistency and leave key improvement opportunities undiscovered. When review sessions do occur, results go unnoticed or unused by the organisation and never seem to impact on future process changes.

The Workshop

The lessons learned workshops turns all of your projects into learning opportunities. The approach includes:

· Consistent quality centered methodology and facilitation approach

· Project timelines are re-created to examine what was known and what was knowable.

· Process flow processing and analysis to group issues and extract root causes.

· Review of results with help to manage key focus issues for improvement in future projects. pinpoint

· Action agenda follow-up


The transition to a learning organization has truly begun.

· Learning from one project gets reinvested to improve the next one.

· The cycle of making the same mistakes over and over again is broken.

· Product development performance begins to consistently improve.

Getting the most from your event...

Whether it is a project start up, vendor appraisal or business case analysis you only get one chance to ensure that all contributions have been evaluated in the best way possible and that the decisions and actions you are now going to take are the best you can achieve.xchange

EvenTXChange is in addition to our normal facilitation service and is an extranet web site which is specifically developed for your event and is secure content not available to anyone other than your intended audience. The extranet can contain any content required, most commonly it contains the agenda, speakers, objectives and a contribution area, where attendees can place points of view or issues for discussion at the forth coming event.

Once the event has taken place the extranet can be used to continue the discussion further ensuring that you have captured all points of view, even from those who may not have been able to attend. Presentations can also be downloaded.

So, if you need to get more from your event,contact us now to view an example of the EvenTXChange in action.